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Consulting Services



Concept Evaluation Presentation Ready Product Renderings



Production Ready Engineering Drawings Material & Hardware Sourcing Cost Analysis



Fabricator Sourcing Terms Negotiations 1st run Production Sample Management



As with any design challenge, it starts by understanding the client’s vision for their brand. What are their needs, aesthetics and culture? This the time to listen, take direction, collaborate and offer guidance.



Everyone has suggestions and preferences. That’s why we enjoy the design process with our clients. This is where we can incorporate that which makes our design solutions specific to the individual client.



Our introductory presentations will include concept renderings and that clearly and effectively show what is possible. We also include a cost analysis based on production and material options.



Once a design is formalized and approved, we will develop engineered production drawings. We will then manage finishes, hardware and construction methods.



Our team can then collaborate with the sourcing of approved fabricators that can meet client’s production expectations. We may also then assist with the scheduling requirements and production management of the 1st run sample for approval.


We have worked with Furniture retailers such as Living Spaces, Cisco Home, Environment Furniture and Lawson-Fenning.

Our fees are determined on a project scope basis. We will review your requirements after our introductory meeting to determine the deliverables to be included. Establish goals with deadlines and provide an overall service quote.

We have a extensive network of relationships in the Los Angeles area that include; Case Good Makers, Upholsterers, Steel Fabricators, Stone Fabricators and lighting artisans.

During the collaborative design process we will consider and address any structural or potential engineering concerns. We will also review any areas of interest that would impede the function of your design. All areas will be fully vetted to assure that as the design moves to the next phase all the details have been considered for production.

During our engineering process we will fully build out your design on paper. Including all construction and joinery details and hardware specifications. If a project moves into production we will work directly with the fabricators to troubleshoot and resolve any questions that may arise. This assures the best possible end result for your new design.

We do not fabricate the production samples in our shop. We are strictly an intermediator to oversee the production process with our selected makers.