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At last Ditch we are inspired by nature and respect all that it provides us. Which is why we have partnered with to reduce our carbon footprint and plant more trees. When you place an order, we will plant 25 trees in your name and in the location of your choice. 


Lumber Sourcing

Maintaining a connection to the lumber we are entrusted with and the forest that provided it, is a critical part of our ethos. This is why we only use FSC Certified lumber that is sourced responsibly and sustainably, ensuring our precious forests are protected for years to come.

Global Forest Watch

For those of you interested in the global carbon footprint of our forests, conservation actions, as well as growth and loss activity go to

Each of our products is engineered with the best minimum tolerances for waste. We continue to improve upon and look for new ways to reduce waste and the disposal of unavoidable waste responsibly.