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Our Story

Through an unconventional exploration of design, Todd Hewitt, Founder and Designer of Last Ditch Design, has refined his personal style over a 27-year career marked by in-depth study and behind-the-scenesobservation as a professional maker.

Growing up with the picturesque landscapes of the Wind River Range in Wyoming as a backdrop, Todd’s initial foray into handcraft and design came by the fabrication of sustainably sourced lodgepole furniture. Transitioning to the Pacific Northwest, he endeavored in the Craftsman style of furniture.

As the Director of Production for industry pioneer Henrybuilt, Todd developed a keen understanding for Contemporary Minimalist design. Recognizing that exquisitely crafted furniture should not be regarded as mere artifacts, but rather as functional pieces capable of withstanding everyday use, he embraced this ethos.

 His design sensibility further cultivated through the rich collaborative experiences with Lawson-Fenning and their appreciation for the legacy of California craftsmanship from the golden age of 20th Century design.

This evolution of craft and a newfound reverence for design principles laid the cornerstone for Last-Ditch Design’s inception.

Today, out of his workshop in Los Angeles, Todd maintains the hands-on resourcefulness that is still at the foundation of his approach to the products he designs and builds. Inspired by a thoughtful blend of Mid-Century Modern, contemporary minimalism and natural organic forms, Last Ditch Design maintains the simplicity in detail with an impeccable attention to quality.